Saturday, November 1, 2008

Books I recommend to became powerful in Mechanical Engineering Drafting.

Every engineer must master at least the basics of graphics, sketching, and modeling--both freehand and computer-assisted.

Whatever your artistic talents, these books will give you the skills you need to develop your visualization skills and right methods to draw as a proffesional engineer.

So I will recommand to read and study at least one of book those authors.


This book is written by Prof.Emeritus James H.Earle

For me is the best Author in teaching books for engineering design graphics .

With books of James H.Earle we became more practical in field of engineering graphics.


This book is very practical in engineering graphics also associated with Autodesk Inventor.

For the passionated of Autodesk Inventor the books of James D.Bethune are the best on world .

Engineering Graphics 14th-edition is written by legends of Technical Drawings in World.

I haven't anything to say more about it.

So I think these books have a role in basic education of engineering design graphics for students and mechanical engineers .
But we can't forget this. "The computer graphics is a primary-medium but RULES REMAIN RULES."

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