Friday, March 8, 2013

Convert PDF to DWG and DXF online with Cometdocs.

Again I am writing about useful tools how to convert a PDF drawing to DWG but in this post is about online.

PDF files are hard to edit and change. This is especially true when it comes to drawings converted into PDF, which are almost impossible to edit without using specialized software. AutoCAD is one such software that can be used, but it is also fairly expensive software that not everyone owns or can afford to have.
That is why we are going to present to you witha great toolfor converting PDF drawings into AutoCAD format files.
Cometdocs is a free online file converter, storage and sharing tool.  One of its supported conversion formats is PDF to AutoCAD. The tool can be used for free with and without registration. Registration offers more possibilities, like storing files of up to 1 GB online and sharing them publicly or privately with friends. Overall, it is a neat tool and that is why we are going to present you a tutorial on how to use it in converting PDFs into DWG or DXF formats.
The first thing you need to know is that the tool supports PDFs designed with AutoCAD software.  Once you are at the Cometdocs website, click on Add/Drop files to upload your file.

Wait a couple of minutes for the file to upload and then drag the file to the Convert tab. A list of available conversion formats for that file type will appear. Scroll down the list to choose your desired format, in this case DWG or DXF.

As you can, see the list is pretty comprehensive and lots of formats are offered, including MS Word and Excel, ODT, TXT and more.

Now, enter your email address and click on Convert. Wait a couple of minutes and go check your email, where a link to the newly created file should be waiting for you.

In addition, if you are a registered user at Cometdocs, all of your converted files are automatically stored in your account, enabling you to share these files with friends using Cometdocs’ sharing capabilities, or simply keep the files stored in the cloud so that you will have access to them at any given time online.


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Ryan Bataille said...

I design residential homes in Cad and am constantly having to convert files back and forth. I usually attempt to re-draw anything sent in a PDF format as converting just gets messy. I also own CorelDraw which converts files, again somewhat messy. I'll look into Cometdocs. If you have time, look at the PDFs on my site and see if they are something that could be converted and manipulated in Cad. It would be a very welcome surprise if so.

The floor plans are listed by Sq. Footage under a separate tab. Thanks for the post

Arben.Allaraj said...

Hello Ryan !
Have you working about Converting by
Cometdocs ways?
Try once and what do you think?

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Jerica Enriquez said...

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