Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Save your work in AutoCAD before your PC makes a crash.

There is no 100 %  guarantee the laptop or PC works regulary.
So in this case how to protect our works,large modifications in projects,a lot of time maybe we are working??? Solution is:

Automatic Saves

You should save your drawing or template immediately after you begin work.Then save every 10 minutes (it is default) or you can change often or rare it depends by you.

Command: savetime
Enter new value for SAVETIME <10>: 

AutoCAD provides an automatic save tool that automatically creates a temporary backup file during a work session.See the figure below you can change the minutes..

As you show the default settings automatically saves every 10 minutes.By default ,AutoCAD names automatically saved files *.sv$ in the C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp folder    for you I recomande to change this path for easy access this files. Change the path..go to File-->Options-->Files--Automatic Save File Location .. click Browse button as showed below and go to your desired folder..

The Automatic save features is inteded for use in AutoCAD shuts down unexpectedly ect.
By default,the next time you open AutoCAD after a system failure, the Drawing Recovery Manager displays ,containing a node for every file to display all of the available versions of the file:The original file,the recovered file saved at the time of system failure,the automatic save file,and the .bak file..